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I feel like even putting a header on this would be giving it too much credit.

Title: The One Where Rose Tyler Gets Sonicked Out of Her Clothes. But Not Like That.
Author: [info]the_tenzo
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: Teen
Summary: What it says on the tin. Extreme PG-rated fluff and at the end everyone eats kebabs.

A/N: I haven't written a single blessed word of fiction since July and then all of a sudden my brain went "WRITE TEN/ROSE FLUFF! DO IT NOW!" So I did. I feel very rusty, but it was nice having these two talk to each other in my head for a bit after all this time.

'I just aimed for some place you could get a tan and enjoy a cocktail without the umbrella coming alive and attempting to implant itself in your epidermis.'Collapse )
Title: When the Rain Ends
Author: the_tenzo
Pairing: Martha Jones/Billy Shipton
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Written for the who_like_giants  Minor and Original Character ficathon. In 1969, two people are looking for things that are bigger on the inside.

They gave Billy Shipton the front bedroom, with its saggy single bed and drafty window.Collapse )
Augh you guys, I'm already in love with this movie. And I don't even like horror movies! Thanks to frakup  for the HD d/l of the Comic-Con Fright Night clip. Nothing like winding down from a day of car travel and in-law shenanigans with a Photoshop full of Sexy.

Seriously. The leather trousers. I can't.

fid_gin, please to be enjoying these ~uplifting~ images...

Maybe not the omelette.Collapse )


Fic: The Oblivion Effect, Part Three

Title: The Oblivion Effect, Part Three
Author: the_tenzo 
Beta: ladychi 
Pairing: River/Rose
Rating: Teen (mild violence and sexual situations)
Genre: AU, action/adventure, sci-fi
Summary: She's a 21st century London girl. She's a 51st century Time Agent. Together, they save their (alternate) universe! Sexily.
Previous Chapters: [ One ] [ Two ]

Her mother's beautiful red hair will never fade to grey. Her dad will never need a cane to walk across the village green. They are preserved, all the way to the 51st century and far beyond, in their daughter's mind.Collapse )

Fic: The Oblivion Effect (Part Two)

Title: The Oblivion Effect, Part Two
Author: the_tenzo 
Beta: ladychi 
Pairing: River/Rose
Rating: Teen (mild violence and sexual situations)
Genre: AU, action/adventure, sci-fi
Summary: She's a 21st century London girl. She's a 51st century Time Agent. Together, they save their (alternate) universe! Sexily.
Previous Chapters: [ One ]

River came back down the gangway, all holsters and combat boots.Collapse )

Fic: The Oblivion Effect (Part One)

Title: The Oblivion Effect, Part One
Author: the_tenzo 
Beta: ladychi 
Pairing: River/Rose
Rating: Teen (mild violence and sexual situations)
Warnings (highlight to view): Character death (OC), suicide
Genre: AU, action/adventure, sci-fi
Summary: She's a 21st century London girl. She's a 51st century Time Agent. Together, they save their (alternate) universe! Sexily.

A/N: Once upon a time I wrote some silly porn about another Rose from another dimension who was a Time Agent rather than the Doctor's companion. Then I started to think about that dimension's River Song and what she'd be up to in a Doctorless universe. Inevitably, my thoughts went to Rose/River-y places. And then shit got plotty.

Like the paper finger-traps that she used to get at friends' birthday parties as a child, the more she visibly struggles during this process, the longer she will be delayed. And the longer it will be before she can make right everything that has gone wrong.Collapse )
According to the Daily, I am not the only community mod who was waiting until the end of series 6a to start a ficathon! 


Second Annual
Minor and Original Character Ficathon

Because there are no little people in the Whoniverse.


Doctor Who Picspam: Watcher of the Skies

 Before you begin, this picspam comes with a soundtrack, which you should click "play" on now and enjoy as you read further. (Well, click the cut first so it doesn't stop playing when you open the rest of the post. But then come back here!)

So, ever get in one of those moods? Where your brain makes an incredibly tenuous connection and just won't let it go, despite it not making that much logical sense? Let me take you on a tour of my grey matter...

Once upon a time in the 1970's, there was a prog rock band called Genesis. It was fronted by Peter Gabriel being even more earnest and arty-farty than he is now, if you can believe that. They had some pretty great songs (the vast majority of them about aliens) and one of those great songs was called "Watcher in the Skies."  It's starts with this very long and dramatic Mellotron solo that you are enjoying now, and then it's got some lyrics... about aliens. Of course.

And you know who else is an alien? Oh, just some 900 year-old Gallifreyan who goes by the name of the Doctor, of course!

So clearly these two things belong together... for some reason.

Add a dash of my ongoing quest to learn how to use Photoshop, with which I justify spending hours farting around with graphics (IT'S TOTALLY A JOB SKILL YOU GUYS!).

Add it all together and you get...


Look at this fucking ex-Doctor...

WAHEY! It's past midnight in my time zone which means it is now officially both my birthday and 10/10/10 -- Ten Day!

Like many of you, I have been enjoying the embarrassment of Tennant riches these past few days. Our boy is looking fine. So fine that I couldn't resist a picspam of his interview on Paul O'Grady Live last night. I didn't realise that I had VLC set to cap at a ridiculously high rate, but then when I looked back through the caps I found that I could have pretty much selected any of them at random to use because hot damn that man looks good right now and there was not a bad-looking shot in the bunch.

So, here's a picspam, a gif and also just a few quick and dirty icons at the bottom.

David Tennant has a tiny pig...Collapse )


Part 2 (part 1 is here) of a David&Billie picspam that I began a couple days ago.


More Doubles Sexiness This-a-Way!Collapse )


Fic Commentary: Swallowing the Storm

Written for the fic commentary meme. Would you like to help me procrastinate request a commentary? You may do so right here

Commentary for Swallowing the Storm, for juliet316Collapse )
I started this little project so that wickedgillie , gowdie , and karenor  would have something pretty to look at on their birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUIZE!), but then it got a wee bit out of control and rather than spend the entire rest of the evening doing it, I decided there would just be more parts to come, in the future.



Written for the fic commentary meme. Would you like to help me procrastinate request a commentary? You may do so right here

Commentary for Anthropomorphic, for lostmoon71Collapse )
Next commentary on the docket: Swallowing the Storm for juliet316 

Fic Commentary: Forgetfulness

Written for the fic commentary meme. Would you like to help me procrastinate request a commentary? You may do so right here

Commentary for Forgetfulness, written for anon_aspasia. Contains snogging.Collapse )

Next commentary on the docket: Anthropomorphc for lostmoon71 

Fic Commentary: Held in Trust Chapter 28

Written for the fic commentary meme. Would you like to help me procrastinate request a commentary? You may do so right here

Held in Trust Ch. 28, with commentary, for kalleahCollapse )

Next commentary on the docket: Rush, for 2nd2ndalto .

Fic Commentary

The meme seems to be going around again. Apparently I haven't done any commentaries since last July (yes, I looked), and things at work are exploding in a most irksome manner, so clearly that means I need something shiny to play with instead (actually I'm hoping it can prove to be some sort of reward motivator to get some shit accomplished).

How it works:

You go to my master list and pick a one-shot, or a single chapter of one of my multichapters, and comment to this post with your selection. You can do a quick check to see if it's something I've already commented on by a skim of this tag. I then (as a separate post) do a commentary about that fic, which may or may not include canon meta, wondering what on Earth I was thinking, tmi, and general arsing around.

And for your time, here's the greatest thing I've ever seen, found via ancientandforever @tumblr.

source: mimi-na @deviantart

Fic: Anthropomorphic (1/1)

Title: Anthropomorphic
Author: the_tenzo 
Character(s): Rory Williams, Eleven (implied Doctor/Rose, Amy/Rory)
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: ~1500
Spoilers: Set prior to The Hungry Earth (5x08)
Summary: Rory Williams knows there is a ghost on the TARDIS.

A/N: Another fic written for the doctor_rose_fix -athon. cainangrey  prompted "Rose is a data ghost on the TARDIS. Rory keeps bumping into her." I went in an angsty direction.

Self-deprecating in front of a hologram—a new low.Collapse )

The Last Word on Fic Bingo

There's a lot of outstanding cards still floating around out there. If you're still planning on writing, or still working on it, please do let me know when you finish and post, by commenting here. I will add your fic to the del.icio.us tag for the ficathon.

Most importantly, I just want to read them!

So, deadlines, schmedlines, don't feel like you have to abandon a work-in-progress just because you didn't finish before the end of August.

Doctor/Rose Fix-athon

I'm doing my modly duty and promoting...

Click on the banner to join in the fun! It's a prompted commentfic ficathon, so go take a look at the prompts if you've got a hankering for some Doctor/Rose.

Information about what's on your card....Collapse )

Sign-ups will remain open for the duration. Just cruise on over to this post and leave a comment to get your card.

Once you've finished your fic, you may post it wherever you wish. Please leave a comment in this post with a header and a link back to where your fic is posted, so that I may create a master list.

This post will remain sticky for the duration of the ficathon.

HEAR YE, HEAR YE: I've created a Delicious Tag for all the Bingo fics, which I will keep updated as they are added here. One-stop shopping for all your Bingo needs.


Doctor Who Fic Bingo: Share with the class?

It's 19 August, do you know where your bingo card is?

Just a reminder that the intended due date for bingo fics is 31 August. Please link to them in the comments of this post.

Of course if you don't get yours done by then, you are welcome to post when you are finished.


Unrelated to the rest of this post but...
the that's my favorite! meme

But enough about me.... what do you think about me? There's really no graceful way to pimp this, is there?
Moving on...

"Brand New Broken Fortunes" 
A Doctor/Rose Fanmix!

I've been sitting on this forever and decided to pull it together tonight to keep my mind off the really vile documentary my husband has on currently (ugh, don't ask).

Tracks: 9
Pairing(s): Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose
Download link: Right Here  (58.5 MB)
Track List:
1. Human Behaviour - Bjork
2. The Denial Twist - The White Stripes
3. This Tornado Loves You - Neko Case
4. When a Woman Loves a Man - Jack Kerouac (no, really)
5. Nick Drake - Northern Sky
6. Good Fortune - PJ Harvey
7. Love Floats - Donovan
8. Paper Tiger - Beck
9. Life is a Pigsty - Morrissey
Lyric excerpts under here!Collapse )


picspam, track list and download link below the cut


Title: What I Did on My Summer Holiday, by Jethro Cane (1/1)
Characters/Pairings: Ten, the Master, Dee Dee Blasco, Biff Cane, Jethro Cane, Val Cane, Professor Hobbes, the Hostess, Sky Silvestry  (Doctor/Master if you squint really hard)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3135
Warnings: Character death
Summary: There's something even scarier on board the Crusader 50 than the entity possessing Sky Silvestry.

A/N: Written for the Doctor Who Fic Bingo Ficathon, for which this was my card. My Bingo is the bottom row: AU, handcuffs, Bad Wolf, the Master, Midnight Entity. Set in an AU where Lucy Saxon is not such a good shot. Thanks to ladychi  for the beta.

On my summer holiday, I killed someone.Collapse )

Doctor Who Fic Bingo: It's on!

Had your interest piqued by one of the fic bingo challenges (see: kink_bingo, warning, much at that link is very NSFW) but thought it sounded kind of complicated and a lot of work? Hey, I'm frightfully lazy too, I understand.

Wanting something a bit more inwardly-focused on THE BEST FANDOM IN THE WORLD ahem I mean, Doctor Who?

Looking for something to take your mind off of series-finale-shaking-and-crying/hot summer weather/cold winter weather/boring family holidays?

The deets on the Doctor Who Fic Bingo Ficathon!Collapse )

Ready to sign up? Do it right here in the comments! Just leave a comment and TELL ME WHETHER YOU WANT A NEW-WHO, CLASSIC-WHO, OR ALL-ERAS CARD. If you don't tell me that, I can't issue you a card. I'll reply with a link to your card within 24 hours (unless my life unexpectedly explodes in some unforseen way, in which case I'll keep everyone informed).


OHAI! Polling for Ficathon Interest

So.... long time no post! My muse seems to have run off with the spoon and the cow and whomever else it was who jumped over the moon, and I'm trying to think up ways to coax it back. Which generally means FICATHON TIEMS!

Series 5 is over in a week, it's summer, hopefully some people have a little bit of free time. If you think you might be one of them, allons-y to overly-complicated ficathon proposal and poll...Collapse )


nothing will ever be the same

What's a tenzo?
Funnily enough, it has nothing to do with the Tenth Doctor. A tenzo is the head cook in a Buddhist monastery. It's a position I've held, and an old internet handle from Days of Yore. I dusted it off for use in my shiny new fandom, and here we are.

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ficathons, challenges, &tc...

Come visit who_like_giants for minor and original characters in the Whoniverse.

The Doctor Who Fic Bingo Challenge! Sign-ups are on-going.


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